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Hair Salon Reviews You Can Trust

We love that the web allows savvy shoppers to share both good and bad experiences about businesses. It's wonderful technology for consumers. But how do you know great reviews aren't written by employees or friends? Or that bad reviews aren't written by competitors? In most cases, you don't. Kharisma now uses Demandforce™ to certify that reviews are from real salon patrons. Demandforce ties into our scheduling and workflow software, and matches reviews with actual visits, even if the reviewer chooses to keep their public identity "anonymous." The DemandForce certification seal appears only next to reviews verified to be from genuine, paying, Kharisma customers. DemandForce also has strict policies in place regarding review removal -- so what you see here is the straight scoop! Here's what our customers are really saying:

What is a certified review?

"Since we [DemandForce] sync with our customers workflow software, we can certify that the reviews are from real customers, even when the review is posted anonymously, by matching a review with an actual visit. This ensures factual data is being submitted."